Friday, July 28, 2017

Tropical Mojito Recipe

So, it was one of those Fridays...

You know, where the youngest kid is refusing to eat lunch because it "might" offend him...

And you cave into your headache by taking an afternoon nap while it pours rain outside and allowing your kids to watch a movie on YouTube because a headache has taken you over. The reason why you have this headache is from the screaming the youngest is doing but also just because the week has hit you like a ton of bricks.

You feel like you have done so much and nothing all at the same time. I am pretty sure I felt this way last week.

Nevertheless, you drink a lot of water to hydrate, you soldier forward in your day after your nap.

This week, I will say, my blog posts have started to take off, so if anything, I can call this a celebration drink.

The inspiration came from the mint that grows in my backyard. Granted I had to walk wet slippy metals steps to get down to my garden while it rained, but I wasn't going to let this good mint go to waste. (I am very okay with my mint taking over my garden however in the weight of the sudden rain, some of the mint stalks are slanting so I decided to prune those leaves for my own use today!)

So here is the recipe for my tropical Mojito Recipes

A couple Fresh Leaves of Mint or Spearmint
2 Parts Coconut Rum (a light rum that is coconut flavoured with 20% proof)
2 Parts Fresh Pineapple Juice
Couple of Ice Cubes

The awesome amazing steps that are so easy you can do it blind folded are:

1. Put a few mint leaves at the bottom of your cup
2. Open a can of pineapple, only in real pineapple juice, and use that and then more 2 parts (or 1 part) pineapple juice
3. With the same measure, pour two parts coconut rum
4. Mix and try to mash the mint leaves a little bit in it
5. Add ice cubes and mix again
6. Let sit for a minute to bring out the flavour and enjoy!

Say congrats to whatever your day or week calls for!

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