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All You Need To Know for G.S. Cookie Season!

This is for anyone who needs the information-- leaders, parents, customers, those in my troop. Think of this as a homepage gateway to other useful posts for you! This is updated EVERY year!

All You Need To Know for G.S. Cookie Season!, Girl Scouts, Cookie Season, Via Bella, Troop 5823
If you are leader or a cookie mum or dad, first off, council wants you to know (and so do I) that you need to utilise all your resources at hand. This means the council website, the cookie manager book, and your Service Unit Cookie Person. This is just to serve as another resource to you (since I am doing it already for my troop anways!)

You can save yourself a lot of headache by emailing this post directly to your parents (or leaders) so you don't get repeated questions from parents. Trust me, that can get annoying. If you are a parent, it can be annoying to need the information right away for any purpose and not have the leader call you back or email you back-- this gives it to you 24/7. It will also be automatically updated throughout the cookie season!

Some of this information is for customers, for sellers (families), for troop leaders, etc. There is a lot of information so take your time reading it. If you are not in my council, GSCNC, some of this may not apply- ie: deadlines but generally speaking most all this information will be helpful. Also, this is written on my behalf to help others, not on the council's behalf.

This will be updated as need be with future posts, for example, how to boost your sales!

If you are in my troop (or even if you are not), you need to read this. I will refer back to this if you start asking questions that are answered here. These series of posts that have taken me a lot of work, as in weeks to put together, to make it easier for you and I throughout cookie season. That way we can focus on more important things in the girl scout meetings than answering questions, unless they are necessary! If you have any questions NOT covered here, let me know and I will answer and than come back and post here so the information will be at your finger tips the whole time.

To my troop-- I have a lot of leeway I give-- so if you need something or have a question, I am here for you! Remember first and foremost that this is to be fun, hard working, and teaching the girls. I am super stoked about doing this with you guys and I can't think of a better group of parents to work with! 

Here You Go! 

Cookie Prizes for 2018
* Includes the special 2018 personalised patch for selling 125 online
* Includes the council prizes
* Includes the troop prizes (not all troops do troop prizes but my girls wanted them so keep that in mind if you aren't in my troop).

Initial Cookie Order Form for Girl Scout Troop 5823
DEADLINE: 15 January 18 by 9pm-- (I put them in 16 January)
* This allows you to tell me what cookies you need before the deadline
* You can do any time of the day and will not be extended
* You can go ahead and fill out on the post
* Fill out only once-- unless they numbers are the same, I will assume it is a different additional order
* Include the Online Cookie Orders
* You can call me and I can walk you through doing this

Girl Scout Cookie Order Form for 2018 AFTER Initial Order {Troop 5823}*coming soon*
* My troop-- I need to update this or make a new one. This will be after the initial cookie order though.
*  This allows you to tell me any time you need cookies to add them in.
* You can do this more than once
* The cookies are on first available basis- but you shouldn't have a problem
* You can do anytime of day
* You can do multiple times.
* Call me if you need to

* For our troop, Troop 5823, we are only doing online promises, people can't buy cookies online
* This is beneficial because it allows you to keep all the information in one place (so you can manually put in orders from people online)

How to Sell Cookies (several links below)
* 25 Ways to Boost Your Sales
*  A Fun Way to Engage Customers at Cookie Booth
Valentine's Bundles

Girl Scout Cookie Season Q & A for Parents
* There are 15+ questions that have been asked to me by parents and also questions other leaders have gotten
* I will update this as I get questions so it is in one place, so check back

Where Girl Scout Cookies Go

* The break down of where the money goes for girl scouts
* (Working on) Where Girl Scout Troops around the nation choose to do with their money

All About Girl Scout Cookie Booths
* Q and A for booths
* Experiences from last year
* Processes for this year

Resources and Files for Girl Scout Cookie Season 2017
* Important Dates for this year!
* Extra Cookie Order Forms
* Pairings/Recipes for Cookies
* Nutrition and Allergen Information
* Will be updating as well

Customers Q & A 
* This is a great resource to prepare yourself for some questions you may get
* Mostly booth questions

10+ Things Your Cookie Mom Wish You Knew!
* Learn from other leaders about what they go through during cookie season

How To Survive Cookie Season {For Leaders By Leaders}
* This really is more for leaders and give each other a smile and advise
* Learn about the stress the leaders really go through for your kids!

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