Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Arrow of Light Crossover "Shoot for the Moon, End Among the Stars"

So, my boys are crossing over in a month and half. I have seriously had dreams of this moment. I am very proud of these boys. They have worked very hard to get here and they are all like my nephews.

Since I have done event planning professionally, I am really wanting to make sure the boys have an awesome crossover.

Go Den 6 Pack 33!

I would love to theme it... "Shoot for the Moon, End Among the Stars"

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"Shoot for the moon, End Among the Stars"- Encouraging boys to dream big always. 

You have that as the overall theme and then break up into the four elements to show how we are both part of the Earth and part of the sky. Staying grounded and humble and always aiming high.

Four Elements :

Earth: "Scout Law Tic Tac Toe" gift
Wind: Arrows (gift)
Fire: Stars + Candles of progression (Tiger to AOL)
Water:  (still thinking about this one-- maybe a hot sauce challenge? LOL)
Troop Involvement: If you remember the performance given a few years back
CrossOver: Share words of inspiration (leaders to boys), every boy puts an item into the time capsule as they say something a favourite memory

-- Some of the decor, like the tic tac toe game can be on the table with their names on them if we want.
1. Candles for each level

2. Candle Holders-- Handmade (maybe? I will bring one tonight)

3. Stars you hang (have 25 of these)

3. Table cloth (Could borrow from a group I am in)

4. Arrows for shooting to the moon

Arrow of Light Gifts

If Lee can make neckercheifs with this patch (which I have already ordered) so they have special day of neckcheifs, that would rock!!!
Blue & Gold '17
1. Homemade Arrows
That will remind them that no matter where the arrow points they can always turn it to the sky!

2. One of These Plaques (price varies- middle $20+ship)

3. Arrow Hooks to hang their cub scout shirt up or to use at home ($5)

4. Arrow of Light Ornament ($6)

5. Scout Law Tic Tac Toe
Adding these two pins together-- a Tic Tac To Game WITH the XO on one side and the law on the other.

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