Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Win This Planner that Every Entrepreneur Needs!

I am working with another entrepreneur to support her and to give you the opportunity to do the same! Alaia Williams created this 12 month planner... and who doesn't like planners?

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In fact, I am going to say, I am LOVING this planner. I received this planner, it was for an honest review. And I am all about honesty. So there is no hype in my saying that this is a planner that every entrepreneur needs.

I love the simplicity of it but at the same time the complexity of it.

How many times have you gotten a planner and just looked at it and then placed it on the bottom shelf? Either because it was too simple, too complex, or you were not encouraged?

This planner isn't like that. It is the right balance where you don't feel like you have to write a novel to keep up with your plans but at the same time it gives you guidance so you can get to that end goal!

At the beginning of each month, you have the following:

a) a traditional monthly calendar that is left blank for you to fill in
b) You also on the same page have the goals

When you turn the page again, and for the next few pages, you have the following:

a) Weekly planner
b) Weekly goals
c) To Do List
d) Marketing Tracker for each of the social media outlets: LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog, Instagram and Facebook.
e) The Marketing Tracker is very detailed and daily

Of course, your goals are different than mine are or the other blogger or entrepreneur next to you. So you can of course modify your goals between the social media outlets. This is a beautiful thing.

When you get to the monthly review, you will see the following:
a) I love that you can mark your achievements as well as make bigger goals for yourself
b) You can write down challenges and what you learned
c) You can write down aha moments
d) You can analysis your stats based of different social media outlets
e) You can keep track of page views
f) You track monthly expenses
g) You track monthly income as well

At end end of it, you have the annual review.
a) You look at the last 12 months in followings
b) Reflection of what of the last year as been like
c) several pages for notes

I wish the annual review was more detailed but honestly, this is an awesome resource to have and I plan to utilize the heck out of it this year. A lot of planners try to do the planning for you or try to over simplify it or they over complicate it. This planner isn't like that at all. You can clearly tell that this person, Alaia Williams, knows her stuff around making planners.

Honestly, I need help in the planning department sometimes and this was definitely very helpful.

In my opinion, I think that everyone can use good planners. This is made easy for you so it's an easy entry to WIN YOUR OWN COPY!

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How do I enter to win this fabulous prize??

You can:
- Follow Alaia and I on Instagram
- Like and/or comment on the Instagram Photo (you can comment daily)
- Follow Via Bella on Twitter
- Share this post to any social media (can be done daily!)

Prize worth $30! 

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