Saturday, January 7, 2017

Girl Scout Troop 5823 Winter/Spring Schedule

So begins a new year of scouting for Girl Scout Troop 5823!

We have a lot of fun things coming up this winter and spring semester!

We have already done fishing, bird watching, a service project helping the fire victims of the Silver Spring Apartments, some girls have gone to camp, and more. Can't wait for the many more things that we will do!

 We have changed a few things to better serve the needs of our girls.

* First off, we have our daisy leader who can't currently meet on the same night that the other leaders can meet so the daisies will be a part of the same troop but meeting a different night. This serves a few different purposes; One of them being can have the girls focusing better and better able to work on petals and such.

* The meeting location will remain the same for the daisies but due to time constraints of the place, the older girls will not meet there but at a location to be emailed that is closer to everyone in terms of transportation.

* The older girls will be meeting for an hour and half instead of the hour. This way they have more time to earn badges and plan their service projects.

* Clothing Swap- Bring any clothes/shoes/toys/items (for anyone) to the troop meetings to do a swap. Whatever is not taken will be given to the yard sale fundraiser, and then whatever isn't sold will go to donation drive.

* Please let us know any ideas for events or if you would like to help volunteer for things!

* Start getting ready for camp outs with getting your gear together for it!

Here is the second semester calendar for Troop 5823! (This is Winter/Spring, not the Fall/Winter one)

Things will be added and updated here so please do check back!!

Daisy Meetings

Troop Meetings for BJCSA

 Troop Events: 

January 2017: 

February 2017: 

March 2017;
Cookie Booths 

April 2017:
1 Spring Hike
Stargazing at Rock Creek

May 2017: 

June 2017: 

Cookie Booths:



(coming soon)

Remember, as normal, things will be added and shifted as we go throughout the season!

We are going to have a BLAST! 

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