Saturday, April 1, 2017

Quick Tips for Busy Families

Super busy.... it's the new anthem of parenthood!

When is the last time you talked to a parent who said they were not busy?

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I am always looking for good ideas and hacks for my family when I can. So when I could get a chance to review this book, I did. That is because we all need fresh ideas out of the gate to spice up things so we can get refreshed ourselves!

There are 144 ideas! I don't care how much you think you might know, you can take away something from this book that you can try and succeed at!

In fact you can make it a half year, so six months, challenge to try to new things if you really wanted to. These are the first 50, but I can guarantee you that the other (almost 100) are just as awesome and some of my faves are the back part of the book.

It is broken into small tid-bits so the reading is SUPER easy to be able to accomplish. It is like, "Hey, I need an idea for road trip games" and viola! You can just go to the page and within a few minutes or less be able to walk away with other ideas.

Not only is it a fast read but it is well written and you can tell they have a lot of experience- after all, they have raised 5 of their own kids and fostered more than 10. They have my heart of the fostering- not an easy feat. So when they give tid bits of advise, I am going to trust that they will work or get close to it.


#1 Realise every kid is different
#2 Candy Land Penance
#3 Six Games for Road Trips
#4 Don't Hide Your Yearbook
#5 Blasting classical music
#6 Honour apologies
#7 Stash Markers and poster boards
#8 Pez Dispenser Magic
#9 21 things to write on a sticky note
#10 Take two person photos
#11 Buy them one thing
#12 Celebrate moments of maturity
#13 The library card initiation
#14 If it's important to your kids, it's important to you
#15 Dad tucks in
#16 Plan to flex
#17 Throw paper or rock accordingly
#18 Keep the GPS option open
#19 Use the needlepoint metaphor
#20 Happy everything
#21 Scrub pots together
#22 Stop scrubbing pots long enough to make a serendeptious moment
#23 Insert name here
#24 Make room in the fridge
#25 Repititively repeat important lessons redundantly
#26 Let them set their own video game boundaries
#27 Snap a lost kid photo
#28 Everybody out
#29 The simple compliment
#30 Never just walk by a tree stump
#31 Kids on business trips
#32 Buy a house with sidewalks
#33 Back to school night
#34 Prepparing for the next unit
#35 Sock rings
#36 Doubling productivity
#37 The slurpee solution
#38 Basic, basic, basic astronomy
#39 Lunar Eclipse Lesson
#40 Stress not about the stuff that just doesn't matter
#41 Teach the bees and the bird before the local schools do
#42 Be the bad guy
#43 "I think you're done for the day"
#44 Clean stuff besides the dishes in the dishwasher
#45 Amusement park hacks
#46 Homeowner secrets
#47 Visit colleges
#48 Personalised pancakes
#49 Your response to their frustration
#50 Pegs

So basically, if that list above has not convinced you to pick up this book, than take it from this busy mama-- you should!

I easily give this book ☀☀☀☀☀ out of five!

* I received this book in exchange for my honest review *

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