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The Magic Stories By Allsaid & Dunn

We get to review The Magic Stories by Allsaid & Dunn, LLC, publishers of The Reading Game and authors of the Wordly Wise series. First off, let's start with how awesome that name is because that just makes me smile every time I read it. It sounds like, All Said and Done, like the common phrase. I don't why, but thank you for making me smile for that.

If you are looking for a supplemental reading program designed to build confidence in reading and develop strong comprehension and writing skills while having fun, then Magic Stories are for you and your family!

 The reading level is K-3rd-grade children. 

This is not a subscription that you have to continuously log in for - it is a downloadable set of 6 stories, with worksheets and vocabulary words you can challenge your kids with.

Now, I had my first grader, my 6 almost 7-year-old, sit down with me and read with me. I really liked that I could have him read aloud and help him with the challenge words and still have him not only get the idea of how to say the word but what was going on in the story. Sometimes for first graders, they dumb down the stories for the kids to read so they can learn easier words but depending on the child, this can actually hinder their reading. Allsaid and Dunn didn't do this with The Magic Stories.

We started off with the first story and read The Magic Hole and he was fascinated with it while he was reading it. He loved it. It was 18 pages long and he read it pretty much all by himself with help on the words he didn't know. All I kept thinking during him reading, wasn't that I should read because it would make it faster, but rather that he was learning skills that would expedite his understanding of phonics and that maybe I can test him out of his phonics. Reading directly is one way for kids to learn the fastest about the language they are reading or writing.

The Great Practical Benefits Of This Product:

* They are downloadables
* You can print
* You can load onto a digital device for on-the-go learning
* It is supported by almost all digital devices if not all
* Not intensive
* Easy stories but challenging them to read better
* Good comprehension questions
* Good Vocabulary words to go over

The fact that it can be downloaded, printed, taken on a portable device or done on a computer means that it is usable easily by the masses. This is great for homeschoolers.

Who is this great for?

* homeschooling families
* ESL students
* Students who are looking to boost their reading capacity and comprehension as an extra without being too much work
* Because your child is bored on winter break
* A child that loves to read

Can you build on these lessons?

Yes, you most certainly can. I had my son not only do what was asked of him but to expand on it. I asked him to draw each stage out that he remembered. Then I asked him what he would like to add to the story by drawing it. So that way it would look like a little comic book when he was done with his own interpretations added in.  This may sound easy but for my child who doesn't always like to draw, it was super important to help encourage all facets of learning into his lessons.

Do I recommend this product?

Yes, I do. I think it was a fun way to learn a well-rounded story that had morals, a little bit of culture, and a lot of fun themes. Mostly, my son liked reading it as part of a school lesson and that is more important.

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