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How to Set Up Digital Cookie Sales

This is the *new* digital cookie that GSCNC (Girl Scouts Council of the Nation's Capital) is trying out. So though this is the first year of online orders, next year will be even better, I am sure. However, this is one of the BEST THINGS to happen to cookie season since I have been a troop leader and girl scout cookie mum.

GSCNC didn't ask me to write this or write it themselves-- I wrote this help the families in my troop start their digital cookie and any person or leader who would like to share, thank you in advance for sharing this from my blog. I hope this helps many families get started on their cookie selling journey! You can see more about cookie season on my blog here- just scroll down to cookie season! 
Important Quick Things to Know!

FULL Girl Scout Cookie Season 2018 Info for Troop 5823

* 13th January 2018 is the last time that people can order cookies online to be delivered in person. After that, they can only be shipped via the digital cookie.
* People can still order from you in person. (I will work on a troop google order form). 
* You can always have access to share to social media
* Cookies come in right before Valentine's Day
* Initial orders are due 15th Jan to me or your troop leader/cookie mum/dad. This includes your "paper cookies" (the in person, on paper, orders) and "online cookies" (or digital cookie orders).
* Remember that for the initial order, I only need the number of cookies you are being asked to deliver. 

So this is pretty easy and the girls have fun doing it. I tried to write out in as much detail as I could below. Please comment on the post below if you have questions or email me.

Step 1:

Input your home zip code.

Step 2:

Have you and your daughter watch the video about online safety

Step 3: 
Agree to what you have learned and what is written and move to the next page by hitting "Agree and Continue"

Step 4:
If you are a returning scout or did Fall Product, your log in will be the same. The system may recongise you.

If you are a sibling you can "add another scout" and if not, you can hit "start a campaign".

Step 5: 
Enter your troop number (ours is 5823 if you are in my troop, if not, enter your troop number). Make sure when the number comes up, to click it. 

When you do this, a list of all registered girls should appear. Click the scout's name. If you don't see it, it should prompt you to the next step.

Step 6:
If the girls have a nickname that they want to use or go by, either because they are called that or for fun, have them put in their nickname. Remember, this is what people will see. 

Then you will be prompted with a "pick an option" about what they want to learn. Have your daughter pick one. 

Have the girls put their cookie goal in the next box. This is a good time to look at the prize chart on the back of your paper order form. 

Then have your daughter type for a reason that she wants to do the cookie money. This can include, camping, outings, skill building, community service. 

This will auto-fill the paragraph that people will see.

Click next when complete- for the most fun part for the girls!

Step 7: 
Have your daughter create her Me2 Avatar! You can change the hair, skin colour, scout level, face shape, eye colour, what they wear, and their accessories. The girls have a lot of fun with this. 

The avatar will be what people see and what the personalised patch will have if they do the 125 sales online. 

Step 8: 
This photo shows after- but scroll down or hit next and you can add in your 12 emails to send (this is important to get the "Cookie Tech Patch"). You can do a straight import of emails too. That is often the easiest way to do it.

You can see here (I whited out personal information) that you add in their name, a greeting (like Friend, Super Awesome, etc) and a person's email. 

When you initially send, you don't see if they opened it or if it bounced until after you complete the process and then you can go into your contacts to email more people and to check if someone got the email.

Step 9:
You can choose to do a video or audio clip and upload that- You can add this at any time, so don't worry about doing it right now or at all. Or even do a selfie and decorate it. This is also where you get to preview what the patch will look like. Sometimes it will prompt you to verify how you want your patch to look like or say. You can have just initials, nickname or name on it.
You also add the address of where you want to have the patch sent when it is earned. Please fill free to use my address if you are in my troop (then you know what it is) to have it sent here if you would like to have it be part of the awards ceremony. 

Step 10:
Go to your main portal. 
From here, you can do anything throughout the rest of the cookie season. This means, send emails (Remember after 13th of January, 2018, they can only order and ship). 
You can see who has ordered.
You can post to social media.
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