Thursday, January 11, 2018

Girl Scout Cookie Season 2018

This year, we are going to do "Cookie Season Lite" for Troop 5823, but we will support any high achievers as well. So just let me know if there is anything more I can do to support my families.

Here are some basics of what you need to know if you are in my troop (and if you aren't, feel free to be inspired or share).

Digital Cookie:
⇉ We are doing the digital cookie for pre orders and shipping orders! Find out how to set it up here!

All You Need to Know For Cookie Season: 
⇉ You can check this out for links and helpful resources that will help cover everything you need to know about girl scout cookie season. 
If you are in Troop 5823, this includes a lot of important information, so please take some time to read it.

Form For Submitting Initial Orders (for Troop 5823 only):
⇉ Girl Scout Cookie Initial Orders 2018 Form. Fill this out by 15th Jan. Cookies come in right before Valentine's Day.

Cookie Booth Patch:
Cookie Booth '18
 Requirements: Do at least one troop cookie booth.

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