Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back to the Future: It is Up to You!


How far have we actually come?
If you were to look back 10 years, where were you?

I was going into my Sophmore year in College, pregnant with my first son, which is the craziest thought in the world to me...

I know you can't escape have seen this posted everywhere today. Maybe on the news.

Did anyone did Doc Brown pop out of the car somewhere at 4pm? Hahaha.

He came to give a different and important message....

But what is the future for you?
We get so engaged in and worried about what is to come.
Would we marry that person if we knew what would happen?
Would we take the job across the country or world knowing we could get let go from the job?
Would we step out our door if we may slip on the ice in the winter?

We try to break down possibility and take chances based both on experience and statistics...don't you wish more that you stayed awake in that class, am I right?

For real though, we are creatures of habit. But are our spirits really that way?

I think I can argue that we can do this-- make our own future. How?

Great question. I will let you know when I figure out the secret. But I do know something...

I know I have been talking to someone very close to me and she has been telling me to take the bricks down that have built my walls up one at a time. It is not pleasant but needed. I will feel hurt and pain. I mean, why else would I have put up walls? Uh, duh! But working on what each of those bricks represents is super important to working on what I need to in order to make a future where I break the wheel and invent something new.

Here is a piece, for example, one of my bricks, on my Health & Wellness (page) about Emotional Migraines and another that is still relatable to every woman (and some men) about not letting people calling you fat, even if you are not, get to you and to know that you are beautiful!

Every day is one step at a time. Forgive yourself first, fix the here and now allowing you to move forward and on into the future.

Where will you be in 10 years? Who knows.
Try to make the list today.

My son will be off in college-- I shudder to think of that, but true. I will have two other high schoolers and I will still be young! Oh yea! Where I will be, I don't know. I do live in Washington D.C. Maybe, I will be president.... :D

How are you taking charge of your today and tomorrow?

Comment, let me know and let me support you!

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