Wednesday, January 13, 2016

♬ What Winter is Good For.... ♬ (10 Things...)

 ♬ Absolutely everything! 

And you thought "absolutely nothing" was going to be my answer, haha.
That clearly means you don't know me! But you will....

When one thinks of me + winter they may think this is what I do all the time...

Or this....

But what is it really good for?

Besides bone chilling temperatures and me explaining why this is a good thing for the balance of the world... winter has many things to offer.

So, the question...

#1 Of course is.... Throw a Snow Ball!!!
The picture below #5 is taken by cnn but I was there-- It was at the DC Snowball fight and there is NOTHING like being a kid again. And having others join you! There are even, yes, associations for snowball fights! I am very proud to say I am apart of one! I am apart of the Washington D.C. Snowball Fight Association! They even have their own t shirt-- yes, my friends, this is serious fun! Does it help that they often go to an after-party? Which I normally don't make with kids, but my boys love doing the snow ball fight!

#2 Curling Up with Hot Cocoa/Tea/Comfort Food
Even if you are by yourself, this is awesome! You can drink your cocoa in the bath, watching the latest episode of your favourite show, going for a walk, after caroling, like we did at Shepherd's Table, or anything really! It is soothing for the soul. I am hoping to make this a tradition of some sort for my kids.

Here are some fun comfort foods I have made. Super Bowl Kid Approved Chili, Super Bowl Beef Chorizo & Black Bean Spicy Chili, or Coconut Oatmeal, just to name a few.

#3 Crochet
Ok, yes I crochet. No I am not an old granny either. A lot of us hip youngsters love to crochet. LOL. Working on a temperature blanket right now that I will update soon with pictures and temperatures so you can see what it is. It is a lot of fun! I love the temperature blanket project. It is colourful and just nice because I work on one row each day of the year giving me time to get it done.

#4 If Your Power Goes Out, Your Food Doesn't Go Bad- See Here How to Do an Outdoor Fridge!!
You can just throw it out in the back yard and throw an bucket over it. BETTER than a fridge!
I live in a city and this totally worked! I don't like summer for that reason. If you power goes out your are just flat screwed. If it is winter, you are ok! See, always an upside!

#5 Snow Science Projects-- Like this one! 
Snow is not just for show or for making a snow man or throwing a snow ball at someone! Ok, that is definitely huge benefits to it but also doing science projects! My kids LOVE measuring the snow! Having a weather geek for a mum means that the simpliest of science projects is taking a ruler and measuring each hour the different in snow levels and different parts of the yard-- even if it is small like mine.

#6 Holidays-- Hanukkah &/Or Christmas (Kwanzaa and Solistice as well)
Even if you experience hardships during holidays or have not had a family, both of which I have experienced, holidays are great. Even if you have multi cultural, multi religious familial beliefs, it is still great. In fact, in my opinion, it really is ♬ The Most Wonderful Time... of the Year ♬
Nothing like spending time with my kids.

#7 Reflecting on the Last Year  
I know, sounds cliche, but I love looking at the past year and figuring out what worked, what didn't. It isn't a downer at all because it is with growth in mind. I mean, you have the time usually, cuddled up, to sit a reflect. This is the best time as any to do it. And I won't tell anyone if you happen to have hot cocoa, tea or even beer or wine next to you when you do it.

#8 Creating New Year's Resolutions
I am looking forward.... are you? I love creating goals and dreams for the year ahead. There is a lot going on for you if you sit and help manifest them in spending your time to create the goals in the first place. I am looking forward to manifesting my goals for the year. Like buying a house.

#9 Catch up on Fun Shows
When it is freaking cold outside and you would rather take a bubble bath than walk out the front door, what better time to cuddle up and watch the shows you have been itching to watch. I don't have TIVO or DVR so I can't record shows. So when I have to pick and choose between awesome shows during the week, it is frustrating (I know, first world problems). So I catch up when I get the chance.

#10  ZZZZZZZ....Sleeping in!
I LOVE sleeping in. I dig having the extra hour of sleeping. Call it being a mum or just being very busy but I love getting my Z's and cuddled under the covers. It is hard for me to wake up... so let me go back to sleep now!

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