Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Quick Snack Pack + Recycle- How to Make in Minutes

If you are a parent who like recycling like I do, you can cringe when you see how much trash or recycling happens in a week's time. With three kids it is bound to not shock me at some point, but now is not that time.

I am also the cookie mom and troop leader for my girl scout troop. Anyone who is knows the pain of having thousands, and I mean THOUSANDS of cookies in your house at one time.

You will likely, actually certainly, eat some boxes yourself. I mean, it supports a great cause and why not? I won't even begin to tell you how many I have eaten.

With spring around the corner, you get out and go to the park, right? Like, all the time. In fact, the nice part about homeschooling, is that as it gets nicer, you can get out and school outside!

When you have to go the park, if your kids are like mine, they can turn into little monsters if they don't have a snack at some point. I hate just throwing snacks directly into my bag because what ends up happening is more than just the cute cheerios and gold fish (yes-I-am-a-mum-look) in the bottom of my bag. Nope. It is a gooey mess that somehow the fruit punch got punctured when my kid decided to swing it around to get his snacks out. So now my notebook is wet, my phone could be wet. Not to mention the crushed up crackers that also broke. So of course, it is like a kid playing mud pies in my own bag!

So I came up with a great idea to not only fix this but also to give life to old cookie boxes!

So I take the cookie box, and let each kid write their name on it.
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Everything pictured can fit into the box.

They get 5-6 snacks each. And while that sounds like a lot, my kids could and do eat me out of house and home. So, I can and do pack a lot of snacks and yet they are STILL asking me for more! Like, really, you are eating so much. But of course, they are also burning that energy.

The recycling makes me feel better honestly about grabbing easy snacks instead of having a muffin. Yes, I hold myself to a high standard of wanting to be that mum having nice healthy muffins ready to go for my kids. But let's be COMPLETELY honest-- you can do that sometimes but most of us parents operate as such:

So, when we went to do cookie booths today, we took these with us, one for each boy. And guess what? They ended up selling more because they were eating out of the cookie boxes with their snacks. It is great marketing too- like here.

What I put in was:
a) Fruit Punch Pack
b) Fruit Snacks
c) Lollipop
d) Cracker Packs
e) A Granola Bar (like the Kelloggs one)
f) Pretzels
g) Raisins

If you are a scout leader, baby sitter, or just a parent-- Use these ideas! You can teach your kids about recycling and being in style when they do it! They learn about taking care of the planet, making use of things as much as they can before recycling.

What better feeling for you to not only save having to buy a snack tupperware or container, but to say you recycle daily? Isn't that an awesome feeling?

What cool recycling things do you do? Comment and let me know!

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