Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Self Help + Inspirational Book Reviews

This may be the genre I like the most. I believe that growth can come from anywhere and I am absolutely stoked to be able to review a lot of self help books and at the same time be able to have them on my shelf anytime that I need them! How cool is that?!

So, come, read, grow!

The interesting thing about self help or inspirational books is that they can span many genres of books. Some of these books have the intentional of being incredibly inspiring and give you "the how to" and others simply share their story and provide you inspiration, whether intentional or not. 

This list will continue to grow and be added to over time! So come check back often! 

2016 Reviews:

Allow Yourself To Be Starry Eyed in the Darkness
Every Girl and Woman in the World Needs This Inspiring Book
What is YOUR Intent?
Stress and Peace
The Power of Broke
Breaking Busy
Walk to Beautiful: How a Homeless Kid Found His Way
The Productivity Project

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