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The Seven Laws of Love & How to Love Everyone

Now, what do you think I mean by everyone? Your spouse? Yes. Your kids? Yes. Your neighbour? Yes. Your enemies? Yes. Wait. What? Your enemies, too?! Yes.

Love is one of the most powerful things in all this world. Yes, more powerful than anything.

Now, just as 1+1=2, we should have love down to a science or a math problem? Right? Wrong!

It is one reason we crave so much to have true love. We thrive on true love stories such as a married couple, like the Reagan's, or a stranger who saves another's life. It is not easy to replicate and reproduce. Maybe that is why we crave it.

He talks about our love needing to be one of that is head and heart related. We can't walk blindly into love not knowing what will happen and amost blindly. Ironically, I am typing this with my eyes shut because my daughter is trying to surprise me with putting baretts in my hair, she made me a crown, which is so sweet and surpirsing me. I needed this today.  Talk about ironic meaning.

A good reminder for parents, that he alludes to, is that a mother of 15 says she can't love equally her kids. She loves the one that needs her the most and the one that is hurting. I have a feeling that she loves them the most at different times, when they need her the most.

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What about love?
Laws of Love
1) Love requires commitment
2) Love Selflessly Sacrifices
3) Love Speaks Truth
4) Love Conquers Fear
5) Love Offers Grace
6) Love Brings Healing
7) Love Lives Forever

Love in Action
8) Loving Your Spouse
9) Loving Your Family
10) Loving Your Neighbour
11) Loving Your Friends
12) Loving Your Enemies
13) Loving Yourself
14) Loving Your Creator

He talks about how having commitment in their love is like building a house on either a solid or messed up foundation- which one will you choose?

It is a great read and reads easy. I have the same issue with this book as a I do some others. This book uses the bible and stories from it to help illustrate his points. He does it in the same way that he write the other parts of the book. If it is not a direct quote it reads as the rest of the book. If you don't believe in the bible you can at least read this as it would read as a story which is nice actually but I am worried it could make some readers turned off when there is heavy focus in certain areas. I critique this way based on the average person regardless of what their faith is. I think him using it and the way it is done, is done well. That being said, I am not saying faith and love don't go together. I am thinking in terms of reading it as less of religious read and one to try to reach out to those that could use the advise on how to build their relationships.

This has great humour and a lot of moments I was sitting on the couch reading this and literally laughed out loud and my son looked at me very curious what was so funny in the book. That tells you something.

It is also written easy for others to understand. Very easy read and a light read for the most part. It is real, honest, and forthcoming.

I really like that he has at the end of each chapter questions you can either ask yourself or journal about. This helps really get the reader involved in what they are reading. I think that this is such a great idea!

Here are some great take aways from the book I have! (Feel free to retweet or like if you agree!)

Okay, so you have heard the saying if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all?  How in the world do we all forget this? There is more to this wisdom than to spare someone's feelings. Anger begets anger. You will make it worse and hurt yourself just as uch as you hurt the other person. WE ALL need to learn this!
A friend told me a painful truth the other day. It was hard to hear. But there was a lot of truth behind it. Nothing is as it seems usually and things can get so complicated but when she spoke truth to me about something, I was thankful. It is better to be honest then let it get to you. It can and will hurt you both mentally and phsyically.

Oh my gosh, how many of us need to hear this?! It is like a constant reminder in this world that we aren't good enough because we don't have this job or have those clothes. I can't tell you how many people think different of me because I don't get paid but I volunteer my heart for my 65 scouts. Not everything is about money and some people have yet to learn that. I wish I did not feel so guilty sometimes, but I do.

I leave you with this one. First of, Oil of Delay, bahahaha! That is funny! But true. We need to stop trying to be pretty or rock a six pack for someone else. If it makes you feel great, great. But don't do it for someone else. That is not loving yourself.

I would definitely recommend this someone! It is a great read.

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