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7 Perfectly Easy Tips For Your Kitchen When Moving

When you are moving you are going through so much in each room that you are not aware of some of the things you had at the time. So not only are you going through the crazy emotions of moving and or buying a house like I did, you have to clean and really go through more emotionally. You think it would be better with move after move, but it may not get easier for you!

I made the decision to make one of my new years resolutions, like you might have to buy a house and it took only 5 months to find it. But here we are.

So I am going to start with giving you some advise I have learned over the years, very simply and practical tips for your kitchen!

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1) Don't Buy More Food

Even comfort food!!! This will save you money and keep you from buying things you may not need in the food department. If you need a gallon of milk that is one thing or a head of broccoli. But when you go shopping for food, shopping for the meal is harder than shopping for a few weeks so even if you try you are more likely to pick up more than you actually need. So keep it minimal.

2) Try to Use All the Food You Have in Stock 

I keep stock for emergencies- should the power go out, etc etc.
Instead of having to lug that all the way to the new house, regardless if it is a mile or across country, it is a good idea to use what you have in your cupboards before moving. You bought it after all.

3) Go Through Each Drawer and Get Rid of What You Haven't Used in a Year

Sounds like, duh, "why would you have something you haven't used in over a year?" But believe it or not it is more common than you think. I just found a cast iron skillet which I love, that I haven't used in a while. I will keep that, but I will get rid of the two pitchers I haven't used in over a year. It takes up space I don't have!

4) Use Your Tupperware When Packing

It doesn't have to be for kitchen things either. But do go through your tupperware. Use it for crayons, use it for paper clips, whatever it is that you need to use it for to save space from moving things or throwing things in boxes. It will also serve the purpose of making sure you that you have the lids to all your tupperware so you kill two birds with one stone. Yay!

5) Get Rid of the Kid Ware You Don't Need Anymore or Use for Camping

Your toddlers are not toddling anymore and you still have those babyware or toddlerware? You can plan on making what are called mess kits which are kits with a plate, bowl, fork, spoon, knife, cup so when you go camping you can have a set. It saves money both for camping and saves space in your camping stuff.

6) Make Pre Made Meals to Aid in Traveling/Moving

You can make more food for the road if you are traveling far like muffins or anything like that. You can also make freezer dinners so when you move into your new house even a mile away you don't have as much to worry about in moving. You can pop out a dinner for the kids while you melt into a puddle trying to gather yourself to unpack that last box.

7) If Moving Close, Bring Your Kitchen Things and Put Them Right Away

If you are moving close by, move one room at a time. With the kitchen, you should move the things and put them away as if you are already there and getting home from a grocery shopping trip. This will make it easier to assimilate to living there then just throwing boxes on the floor. Especially if you are moving into a smaller place than what you are used to or not used to the dynamics of the house.

Am I Doing it Too? 

When I say I am taking my own advise, I am. All of these things I am giving you tips on, I will and am doing right now! Yes, that means lots of dry beans made into many different bean dishes plus more. So here goes the advise!

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