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10 More Powerful Songs to Help With Your Separation (Round X) {SOS Playlist}

Thanksgiving is gone and the 12 days of Christmas is around the corner.
If that and separation are the recipe for a roller coaster of rides, I don't know what is.

The problem is with love that you have to allow yourself to heal and feel your pain to be able to move on and find new love. Holidays suck sometimes because they can tend to be the catalyst for us realising how hurt we really are when we see others around us that are seemingly happy and it for some reason can make us happy for them but also tear us apart inside as well.

It's okay to feel. It's okay to hurt.

This holiday season do your best to love... even if you are buying yourself Christmas presents.

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1. Ain't Worth the Whiskey by Cole Swindell
(my sister from Texas, Leena, suggested this one!)

"I don't care that you done me wrong because I've already moved on"
"I don't care what his name is, Girl, it is what it is"
"I won't waste a dime or the bartender's time trying to catch a buzz over the thought of us"
"But I'll drink to a country song to another long work week done"
"I might stay for another round or I might close this place down"
"Don't think for a second I'm out to drown your memory"
"It don't matter what your friends think, they never liked me anyways"
"So if they see me drink in this bar It aint over a broken heart"
"Baby you ain't worth the whiskey"

2. The Truth About Love by Pink

"The truth about love comes at 3am"
"You wake up f*cked up and you grab a pen"
"You say to yourself, I'm going to figure it out"
"I'm going to crack that code, gonna break it break it down"
"I;m tired of all these questions and now it's kind of annoying because no one has the answers"
"So, I guess it's up to me to find the truth about love"
"The truth about love is it comes and it goes"
"A strange fascination, it's lips on toes"
"morning breath, bedroom eyes on a smiling face"
"Sheet marks, rug burns, and a sugar glaze"
"The shock and the awe that can eat you raw"
"I think you may be perfect, you're the person of my dreams"
"I've never ever ever ever been this happy"
"But now something has changed"
"And the truth about love is it's all a lie"
" I thought you were the one and I hate goodbyes"
"Oh you want the truth?"
"The truth about love? It's nasty, it's salty"
"It's the regret in the morning"
"It;s wings and songs, it's trees and birds, It's all the poetry you ever heard"
"Terror coup e'tat life line forget-me-nots"
"It's the hunt and the kill, the schemes and the plots"
"The truth about love is it's love and it's guts"
"It takes your breath because it leaves a scar"
"Those untouched never got very far"
"You can lose your breath convinced you're the only one I felt this way about"
"It hurts inside the hurt within and it folds together pocket thin"
"It's whispered by the angels lips and it can't turn you into sons of a b*tch men"

3. Strong Enough by Cher

" I don't need your sympathy. There's nothing you can say or do for me"
"I don't want a miracle. You'll never change for no one"
"I hear your reasons why, but where did you sleep last night? Was she worth it?"
"Was she worth it? Cuz I am strong enough to live without you"
"Strong enough and I quite crying long enough now I am strong enough..."
"Strong enough to know you gotta go."
"There's no more to say. So save your breath and walk away"
"So you feel misunderstood? "
"Baby have I got news for you? On being used I could write a book"
"But you don't want to hear about it"
"Cause I've been losing sleep and you've been going cheap"
"She ain't worth half of me, it's true! Now I am telling you!"
"Come hell or waters high you never see me cry"
"This is our last goodbye, it's true, now I am telling you"
"I'm strong enough"

4. Almost Doesn't Count by Brandy

"Almost made you love me. Almost made you cry"
"Almost made you happy baby didn't I?"
"You almost had me thinking you were turned around"
"Everybody knows, almost doesn't count"
"Almost heard you saying, you were finally free"
"What was always missing for you baby you found it in me"
"But you can't get to heaven half off the ground"
"Everybody knows almost doesn't count"
"I can't keep loving you one foot outside the door"
"I hear a funny hesitation  of a heart that's never really sure"
"Can't keep trying if you're looking for more then all I could give you than what you came here for"
"Gonna find me somebody not afraid to let go"
"Want a no doubt be there kind of man, you came real close"
"Every time you build me up you only let me down"
"Can't keep on baby"
"Maybe you'll be sorry Maybe you'll be cold"
"Maybe you'll come running back baby from the cruel cruel world"
"Almost convinced me, you're gonna stick around"
"So maybe I'll be here, maybe I'll see you around"
"That's the way it goes..."
"Almost doesn't count"

5. Clean by Taylor Swift

"The drought was the very worst. When the flowers we'd grown together died of thirst."
"It was months and months of back and forth"
"You're still over me like a wine stained dress I can't wear anymore"
"Hung my head as I lost the war and the sky turned black like a perfect storm"
"Rain came pouring down when I was drowning"
"That's when I could finally breath"
"And that morning, gone was any trace of you"
"I think I am finally clean"
"There was nothing left to do and the butterflies turned to dust"
"So I punched a hole in the roof let the flood carry all the pictures of you"
"The water filled my lungs- I screamed so loud but no one heard a thing"
"10 months sober, I must admit just because you're clean doesn't mean you still don't want it"
"10 months older, I won't give in now that I am clean I'm never going to risk it"
"I think I am finally clean"

6. How's It Gonna Be by Third Eye Blind

"I'm pretty sure I can't take anymore"
"Before you take a swing, I wonder, what are we fighting for?"
"When I say out loud, I want to get out of this I wonder, is there anything I'm going to miss"
"I wonder how's it going to be when you don't know me?"
"How's it going to be when you're sure I am not there?"
"How's it going to be when there is no one to talk to"
"Between you and me, I don't care"
"Where we used to laugh there's a shouting match. Sharp as a thumbnail scratch"
"A silence I can't ignore like the hammock by the doorway we spent time in swings empty"
"Don't see lightening like last fall when it always almost hit me"
"I wonder how it's going to be when it goes down"
""How's it going to be when you're not around?"
"How's it going to be when you find out there was nothing between us?"
"Want to get myself back in again, the soft dive of oblivion"
"I want to taste the salt of your skin, the soft dive of oblivion"
"How's it going to be?"

7. Careless Whisper by Seether

"I feel so unsure as I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor"
"As the music dies something in your eyes calls to mind a silver screen and it's all sad goodbyes"
"I'm never going to dance again. These guilty feet have no rhythm."
"Though it's easy to pretend I know you're not a fool"
"I should have known better than to cheat a friend"
"A wasted chance that I've been given"
"So I'm never going to dance again, the way I danced with you"
"Time can never mend the careless whispers of a good friend"
"To the heart and mind ignorance is kind"
"There's no comfort in truth. Pain is all you'll find"
"Tonight the music seems so loud. I wish we could lose this crowd"
"Maybe it's better this way, we've hurt each other with the things we want to say"
"We could have been so good together"
"We could have lived this dance forever"
"Now who's going to dance with me"

8. I Don't Want to Be In Love by Good Charlotte

"She's going out to forget they were together"
"All the time he was taking her for granted"
"She wants to see if there's more out there than he gave"
"He calls her up. He's tripping on the phone. He doesn't want her out there"
"And a lone now he knows she moving on"
"Knows she using it so he's losing it. She don't care"
"Everybody put your hands up and say, I don't want to be in love"
"I don't want to be in love"
"Feel the beat now if you got nothing left and say I don't want to be in love"
"Back it up now, you've got a reason to live but say I don't want to be in love"
"Feeling good now. Don't be afraid to get down. Say I don't want to be in love"
"He was always giving her attention."
"Looking hard to find the things she mentioned. He was dedicated"
"But most suckers hate it, that girl was fine. But she didn't appreciate him"
"She calls him up. She's tripping on the phone"
"He had to get up and he ain't coming home"
"He's trying to forget her that's how we come to when he first met her"
"It's okay, let it go. Get out there and find someone"
"It's too late to be tripping, get off the wire"
"You know everything is good here"
"Stop what you're doing You don't want to ruin the chance that you got to find a new one"

9. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover by Paul Simon

"The problem is all inside your head, she said to me"
"The answer is easy if you take it logically"
"I'd like to help you in your struggle to be free"
"There must be 50 ways to leave your lover"
"She said, it's not really my habit to intrude"
"Furthermore, I hope my meaning won't be lost or misconstrued"
"You just slip out the back Jack"
"Make a new plan Stan"
"You don't need to be coy, Roy"
"Just get yourself free"
"Hop on the bus, Gus"
"You don't need to discuss much"
"Just drop off the key, Lee"
"She said it grieves me to see you in so much pain"
"I wish there was something I do to make you smile"
"Just sleep on it tonight and I believe in the morning  you'll begin to see the light"
"Then she kissed me and I realised she was right"

10. Case of The Fake People by TLC

"I thought I knew about them. Thought they would never do me wrong"
"Well, well, they smile in your face. When all they wanna do is take your place, them backstabbers"
"Same old scene that you seen for so long."
"Always want to be around you but as jealous as them come..."
"Don't want to win that race cause when you do it's gonna lessen their space"
"That's when I decided to say Goodbye"
"Good bye, good bye to all the fake people in my life"
" I never wanted you around so be on your way now"
"You'd better think twice before you let people in your life"
"Cause when you put down no one is around you"
"You got a case of the fake people"
"I thought I knew about them. The only ones that really cared for me"
"But they shouldn't be this way. Only down for so long as  you can give security"
"That's when I decided to say goodbye to all the fake people in my life"

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