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10 More Powerful Songs to Help With Your Separation (Round VIII) {SOS Playlist}

Being separated has not been a walk in the park with Thanksgiving. Everything cordial for the kids. Dinner made. Sick mama. Hyper kids. Cold weather. Just begging for bed time early for this mama.

That being said, it went better than I started. I am thankful that I am separated in many ways. Find out why here! 

It is always a journey and a path and you are not a lone in it!

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1. Waitin' For You by Demi Lovato

"You said that you would never hurt me"
"Be the band aid when I bleed but I guess that band aid was made of paper cuz you never stuck to me"
"You say that you conquered the lion without even trying"
"But she only gets stronger, she only bites harder, I only die fighting"
" You can run, you can run, but you know that I know just what you have done"
""You can run, you can run, but save those words for one on one"
"When the lights go down, and the sun hits ground, you should know that I won't back down"
"Knuckles out and a guard in my mouth when you're hungry for the next round"
"Don't take things personal but you made shit personal"
"Talking about my bad habits, well f*&^k my bad habits, don't act like you ain't none"
"Got my name in your mouth, forgive me when I knock it out"
"I love it when you talk about me just because you don't know yourself"
"You should know I won't back down"

2. Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman

"Give me one good reason to stay here and I will turn right back around"
"Said I don't want to leave you lonely, you gotta make me change my mind"
"Baby I got your number and I know you got mine"
"You know that I called you, I called too many times"
"You can call me baby you can call, you gotta call"
"I don't no one to squeeze me, they might just take away my life"
"I just want someone told hold me, and rock me through the night"
"This youthful heart can love you and give you what you need"
"But I'm too old to go chasing around and wasting this precious energy"
"Said, I told you that I love you, there ain't nothing else to say"
"Baby just give me one reason"

3. Warrior by Demi Lovato

"This is a story that I've never told"
"I've got to get this off my chest and let it go"
"I need to take back the light inside you stole- You're a criminal and you steal like you're a pro"
"All the pain and the truth, I wear it like a battle wound"
"So ashamed so confused, I was broken and bruised"
"Now I'm a warrior, I've got thicker skin"
"Now I'm a warrior, I'm stronger than I've ever been"
"And my armour, it's made of steel, you can't get in"
"You can never hurt me again"
"Out of the ashes I am burning like a fire"
"You can save your apologises you're nothing but a liar"
"I've got shame, I've got scars that I will never show"
"There's a part of me I can't get back, a little girl grew up to fast"
"All it took was once I will never be the same"
"So I am taking back my life today"
"Nothing left for you to say cuz you were never gonna take the blame anyways"
"You can never hurt me again"

4. Lover, Lover by Jerrod Niemann

"Well, the truth, it hurts to say... Imma pack up my bags and I'm going to go away"
" I'm gonna split, I can't stand it"
"I'm gonna give it up and quit, ain't never coming back"
"Girl but before I go, I've got to say, I know you loved me but that was yesterday"
"The truth, I won't fight it; When the love starts burn you gotta do what's right"
" Lover Lover,  you don't treat me no good no more"
"Oh woman, you know I love you but you so mean baby I'm walking out the door"

5. Foolish Games by Jewel

"You took your coat off and stood in the rain. You were always crazy like that"
"You were always the mysterious one with dark eyes and careless hair"
"Then you stood my door way with nothing to say (besides some comment on the weather"
"In case you failed to notice, In case you failed to see..."
"This is my heart bleeding in front of you"
"This is me down on my knees"
"These foolish games are tearing me apart"
"Your thoughtless words are breaking my heart"
"You're breaking my heart"
"Your philosophies on art... You'd speak about loved ones as clumsy as I strummed my guitar"
"Well, excuse me.. think I have mistaken you for someone else"
"Somebody who gave a damn, somebody more like myself"
"These foolish games are tearing me apart"

6. Not Gon' Cry by Mary J Blige

"While all the time I was loving you, you were busy loving yourself"
"I would stop breathing if you told me to; now you're busy loving someone else"
"Eleven years out my life; Besides the kids I have nothing to show"
"Wasted my years, a fool of a wife... I shoulda left your ass long time ago"
"I'm not gon cry... I'm never gonna shed a tear"
"You're not worth my tears, Well, I'm not going cry"
"I was your lover and your secretary working every day of the week"
"Was at the job when no one else was there helping you get on your feet"
"Eleven years of sacrifice and you can live me at the drop of a dime?"
"Swallowed my fears, stood by your side, I shoulda left yo ass a thousand times"
"I know there are no guarantees... In love you take your chances"
"Somehow it seems unfair to me, look at the circumstances"
"Through sickness and health, til death do us part-- those were the words we said from our hearts"
"So now when you say you are leaving me, I just don't get that part"
"Again, again again, I should been gone gone gone"
"Not going shed a tear..."

7. I'm Going Down by Mary J Blige

"Time on my hands, since you been away boy"
"I ain't got no plans, no, no no no...."
"The sound of the rain on my window pane is slowly driving me insane"
"I'm going done cuz you ain't around baby.."
"My whole world is upside down"
" Sleep don't come easy... please believe me"
"Since you been gone everything's gone wrong"
"Why'd you have to say goodbye... Look at what you done to me"
" I can't stop these tears from falling from my eyes baby"
"Don't know what to do if I ever lose you I'd be going down"
"Please forgive me baby. I'm so sorry... What did I do wrong?"
"Come on home... I'm going down"

8. Heartbreak Hotel by Whitney Houston ft Faith Evans and Kelly Price

"This is the heartbreak hotel"
"You said you'd be here by 9, instead you took your time. Didn't think to call me boy"
"Here I sit, trying not to cry, asking myself why you'd do this to me"
"Since you're not around for me to tell you face to face, I am writing you a letter and this is what it has to say...."
"All I really wanted was some of your time instead you told me lies when someone else was one your mind"
"Look what you did to me"
"Thought you were someone who would do me right until you played with my emotions and made me cry... look what you did to me"
"Now I see you been doing wrong, played me all along and made a fool of me baby"
"You got it all wrong to think I wouldn't find out that you were cheating on me"
"How could you do it (to me)?"
"I ain't gonna take it no more"

9. Why Don't You Get a Job by Offspring

"Hey says man I really gotta lose my chick in the worst kind of way"
"She sits on her ass, he works his hands to bone to give her money every pay day"
"She just wants more dinero to stay at home well my friend you gotta say"
"I won't pay, no way, why don't you go get a job"
"Say no way, why don't you go get a job"
"I guess all his money, well it isn't enough to keep her bill collectors at bay"
"It wasn't enough cos the girl's gotta expensive taste"
"I won't pay ya, no way, go get a job"
"Well, I guess it ain't easy doing nothing at all"
"Free rides just don't come along every day"
"My friend's got a boyfriend, man she hates that d*ck, she tells me everyday"
"He wants more dinero to stay at home, well my friend you gotta say"
"I won't give you no money, I always pay, why don't you get a job"

10. Consider Me Gone by Reba

" Everytime I turn the conversation to something deeper then the weather I can feel you all but shutting down"
"And when I need an explanation for the silence you say you don't want tot talk about it now"
"What your not saying is coming loud and clear... I think were at a crossroads here..."
"If I'm not the one thing you can't stand to lose, if I am not the arrow to the heart of you"
"If you don't get drunk off my kiss, If you think you can do better than this..."
"Then I guess we're done, let's not drag this on... consider me gone..."
"With you, I've always been wide open like a window or ocean. There's nothing I've ever tried to hide"
"So when you leave me not knowing where you're going I start thinking we're looking at goodbye"
"Consider me a smile in an old photograph, someone who used to make you laugh"
"Consider me gone"
"How about a strong shot of honesty? Don't you owe that to me?!"

SOS Playlist Rounds 
(every round = something new) 

Come follow the play list!!! 

Also if you have anything to add to this list, share here because I will add it! We are a community!
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