Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 2016 Book Reviews

I did a total of 15 reviews this month! 

Wow. Just WOW! 

I made it to my ultimate goal of 100 books. And not only did I make it, I surpassed it! 

In light of the holiday season, that is not a small feat. I had to clean the entirety of my house, which was even a bigger feat to get ready for family coming. I was very stressed doing this because I will still homeschooling my three children, starting a new job, and doing this all at the same time. Then doing reviews and get a lot of things done in my daily life. Wow. SO....

This year, I read a total of... 108 books!!! Wow!

That is a record for me... in like... my entire life!

Never have I read that many books in a year--- seriously! 

So when you say you can't read books, all it takes is getting started. It is incredibly good for your brain to do so and who knows what world of opportunities it will open up for you! 

Here are December's Book Reviews!!

Via Bella's Win It Books! 
* You can go here to find out if there are any current giveaways you can enter! 
Some of these books already have winners, and some do not depending on if they are still current.

Charlie and the Tramp {Win It}
Kissing Father Christmas (Win It)
Prince Noah & The School Pirates
The Prince Who Was Just Himself {Win It}
Heroines of the New Testament {Win It}
Home for Christmas (Win It)
Watch For the Light This Advent Season (Win It)
On Christmas, A Children's Beginner Bible (win it)

Via Bella's Top Reads
(staying on the shelves people!)

So this month, I actually have quite a few Top Reads here. They were all amazing books in their own right and way. I know that some are Christmas themed with the holiday season being prime time and front and center this month. Others are self help. Some of the ones I really loved were kids books even. 

Via Bella's Good Reads 
(gifting, like, staying on my shelf, all around good)

These are good but not making my top reads because they didn't catch my attention as much as I would have hoped but they were pretty good nevertheless. 

Via Bella's Bad Reads
(gifted, given away, tossed, done) 

I don't like to put books in the naughty seat but when I do, it's really for a reason! Both these books, in my opinion, are in the naughty seat. But not for the reasons you may think. So click the review to find out! I am glad more aren't making the list. 

January's Book Review Previews:
These are the books in queue for me to review, and I hope to get some or all of these done in January! 

- Conspiracy of Silence
- Shadow of the Storm
- Return of the Continuum
- Sweet as Sin
- 8 Great Smarts: Discover and Nurture Your Child's Intelligences
- Of Stillness & Storm 
- Talk Yourself Happy
- The Last Kiss
- Brazer
- The Power of I am
- Think Better, Live Better
- Lists to Love by for Busy Husbands
- Lists to Love by for Busy Wives
- and so many more

What should my book goals be for next year? Should I go for, say 150 or 200 books? Maybe still a 100? We shall see!

What is a good book you have read recently? 

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