Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Kids Book Reviews

Well, you know I have kids so you know that book reviews for kids was coming, right? 
Just for the record, the photo below was approved by my three children who were laughing in the back ground. My daughter picked out the colour of the glasses and the colour of the text. 

Books reviewed for or by myself or my kids will appear here as they are reviewed, so check back often!


A Christmas Fun Book for Kinders
A Great Audiobook Adventure: Bringing Ancient Egypt to Life
A Kid Approved Holiday Cookbook = A Big Win!
A Kid's Christmas Book to Win
Charlie and the Tramp {Win It}
Every Girl and Woman in the World Needs This Inspiring Book
Liked: Whose Approval Are You Looking For?
Oh Baby Baby.... Look in The Mirror
Oodles of Doodle of Fairies is Very Fun
Say & Pray Devotionals for Toddlers {Win It}
The Berenstain Bears and the Christmas Angel
Win this Super Cute Book- Night Night Farm
How Can Legos Fit Into Your Faith?

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