Monday, October 3, 2016

Parenting Book Reviews

"Parenting is Easy!" ~ said no parent ever!

So, of course, there are a billion (okay maybe not a billion) books written on parenting.

In these reviews, just as in your family, you are going to find parenting books vary in their ideals and practices. Some of these I really liked and enjoyed and others I really can't stand!

Some books I agree with a few points but overall don't agree with the book. So when you read a book, try to take something, anything from it. You will learn more about you and more about your parenting this way. Whether the reaction be strong either way for you.

I got a lot out of these books and I hope and know you will too.

Also, know that I will be adding book reviews as time goes on, so check back often!

Hope this is helpful for you!

2016 Reviews:
Discipline That Connects with Your Child's Heart
Raising an Original
Stress + Anger Destroys Families-- Are You Pitchin' a Fit?
Revealing School-- What They are Really Doing to Kids

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