Wednesday, November 30, 2016

20 Reasons to be Thankful in November-- Book Reviews

I have 20 MORE reasons to be thankful this November. 
Yes, I realise that is corny... And yes, I actually read all these books! 
I am 8 books away from 100 books read and reviewed in 2016! 
Holding my inner squeal in! 

20 Reasons to be Thankful in November-- Book Reviews,   A Kid's Christmas Book to Win, Where Jesus Slept, Darrell Issa's Watchdog-- Is Two Faced?!, Engaging Father Christmas With Love (Win It), Finding Father Christmas in England (Win It), Looking Back: Obama's Presidential Legacy, My Underground American Dream,Say & Pray Devotionals for Toddlers {Win It},  The Blessings of Unity {Win It} , Win This Beautiful Clay Creative Colouring Book, 81 Game Changing Mantras for Habit Changers, 365 Devotions for Finding Rest, Distinctly You, In Time For the Elections: The Candidate, Liked: Whose Approval Are You Looking For?, Mamaleh Knows Best in The Jewish Way of Parenting, My Underground American Dream, What Are the 5 Steps to Your Conscious Uncoupling?, What is "The I Factor"?, What They'll Never Tell You About the Music Business, Breathing New Life Into Your Quiet Time with Repurposed Faith, On Borrowed Time, November 2016, Book Reviews in November 2016, December Book Review Preview, Via Bella's Top Reads, Via Bella's Good Reads, Via Bella's Bad Reads, Blogging for Books, Booklook Bloggers, Hachette, Cross Focused Reviews,

Do you think I will make it?  I most certainly do! 

I don't even know where I started with that goal or where it came from. It takes me by surprise to be able to be that much a reader now when in high school I wouldn't be caught dead reading books at length for fun. 

Win It Books!               
 * Current giveaways still going

Here are the books I have or am currently giving away on the blog! Next to the book links are the names of the winners! There is still time to enter so click and enter! 

 A Kid's Christmas Book to Win (Winner: Lisa K)
Engaging Father Christmas With Love (Win It)
The Blessings of Unity {Win It} (Winner: Daniel F)

Via Bella's Top Reads for November

So this month, I actually have quite a few Top Reads here. They were all amazing books in their own right and way. I know that some are Christmas themed with the upcoming holidays. Others are self help. Others are dealing with history or entertainment. This has to be one of the most diverse reading months for me.

Engaging Father Christmas With Love (Win It)
Finding Father Christmas in England (Win It)

Via Bella's Good Reads for November

It really was HARD to put some of these in the good in the Good Reads because this month, I have actually read some amazing books. These are good but not making my top reads because they didn't catch my attention as much as I would have hoped but they were pretty good nevertheless.

A Kid's Christmas Book to Win

Via Bella's Bad Reads for November

I don't like to put books in the naughty seat but when I do, it's really for a reason! Both these books, in my opinion, are in the naughty seat. But not for the reasons you may think. So click the review to find out! I am glad more aren't making the list. 

December Preview: 
I am so excited to share the next month's reads with you as I already have some of them lined up. These will easily take me to my 100 book review goal for 2016. Not limited to but including:
- Kissing Father Christmas (which is part of my Father Christmas Trilogy Giveaway)
- Tune In (about the Beatles)
- Strength Based Marriage
- Riley Unlikely
-  Shadow of the Storm
- Return of the Continuums
- Sweet as Sin
- Charlie and the Tramp
- and many more! (some which I don't even know yet)

Hope you have enjoyed reading the reviews! I am learning so much doing them! 

Any books you have read from this list that you like or don't like? Which book are you most likely to pick up now? Comment and let  me know below! 

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