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This page is for ALL GIRL SCOUTS and GIRL SCOUT LEADERS/VOLUNTEERS to be able to get ideas from, not just my troop. I hope this is a great resource to many!

About Girl Scout Troop 5823
I lead my Multi-Level Troop of Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes and Seniors.
My last four years has been an adventure and looking forward to bigger and better! 
We have girls all ages, levels, backgrounds, socio-economical status, schooling options.

One thing I love most about my girls is though they are from different schools (both brick and mortar, private, un-school and home school),  background, level, ages-- they all get along amazingly. 

True sisterhood in Girl Scout Troop 5823

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Step By Step: How To Join a Girl Scout Troop (5823)
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For Troop 5823: 
** Girl Scout Cookie Season 2018 **
*** Winter & Spring 2018 for Girl Scout Troop 5823 ***
Troop Meeting Schedule at a Glance for 2017-2018 
** High Adventure Girl Scout Camp Outs For Fall 2017 ** 
November Schedule 2017
Continuous Patches You can Earn- 2017 (Girl Scouts Troop 5823)
How to Re-Register Now For Girl Scouts {Troop 5823} 
Girl Scout Troop 5823 Parent Handbook
 Uniform Dues 

How can dues/deposits be paid?
1) Cash (In Person)
2) Check Made Out to Troop 5823
3) Pay Pal (as friends and family to
4) Venmo ( to Victoria-Eisenberg-1 )
5) Credit Card (in person + pay extra fee)

Sign Up HERE!! (Open to ANY Scouter/Guide World Wide) Girls, Cubs, Boys, Ventures, Guide 
Donate to the Jamahri Sydnor's Scholarship in Her Honour 💔 🌠 {Scout of the Day}
GSCNC 2017 Gold Award & Scholarship Recipients
It's Super Easy to Get Started for Fall Product

A Fun Way to Engage Your Cookie Booth Customers
10 Things Your Girl Scout Cookie Mom Wish You Knew...
All You Need To Know For Cookie Season
All About Girl Scout Cookie Booth
Girl Scout Cookie Season Q & A for Parents
Girl Scout Cookie Order Form {Troop 5823}
Great Prizes for Cookie Season 2016
Great Cookie Sale Prizes For Girl Scouts in 2017
How To Survive Cookie Season {For Leaders By Leaders}
Initial Cookie Pick Up Sign Up {Troop 5823}
Initial Order for Cookies {Troop 5823}
Intent for Girl Scout Troop Renewal for 2016-2017: Troop 5823
Resources and Files for Girl Scout Cookie Season
Q&A for Parents
Q&A for Customers
Valentine Deals with Girl Scout Cookies
Where Girl Scout Cookies Go

Want to suggest an event/Sponsor an
DONATIONS (such as materials):

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