All About Scouts!

All About Scouts

Cub Scouts & Girl Scouts Clean Up Sligo Creek Together
Jonathan's Eagle Scout Project Takes Flight
Donate to the Jamahri Sydnor's Scholarship in Her Honour 💔 🌠 {Scout of the Day}
GSCNC 2017 Gold Award & Scholarship Recipients

About Me & My Scout Groups!

Service Unit 34-8
 Service Unit 34-8 Event Ideas Form
Share Your Event to Girl Scout Service Unit 34-8
Sign Up for a Fun Day of Ice Skating in the DMV on March 10th, 2019
A Scout's DC Diaper Bank Drive
A Girl Scout's Free Little Library & Book Drive
How to Send Cards to the California Camp Fire Victims
Pancake Supper Event Patch Sign Up
Winter Coat Drive (Patch Sign Up for Service Unit 34-8)
GSCNC Service Unit 34-8
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Welcome to the Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital Service Unit 34-8 Facebook Group! Here you'll find the latest news about our group and upco...

Service Unit 40-2  
Service Unit 40-2 Event Ideas Form
Sign Up for a Fun Day of Ice Skating in the DMV on March 10th, 2019
A Girl Scout's Free Little Library & Book Drive
How to Send Cards to the California Camp Fire Victims
A Scout's DC Diaper Bank Drive
GSCNC Service Unit 40-2
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Sister Scouts & Troops

For Troop 5823: (Girl Scouts)
Something I take great pride in with all my scouts is that we are a pretty diverse group of people. We have girls in Troop 5823 from all different faiths/non-faiths, socio-economical backgrounds, and schooling types. We have daisies, brownies, juniors, cadettes, seniors and ambassadors. Yes, that is ages 5-18! We have done knife skills, archery, horseback riding, lots of community service, STEM activities, sudden service, and so much more! They get along great and rarely is there a meeting that doesn't have jokes and laughter.  If you are in the Washington DC/MD area, and interested in girl scouts, Sign Up Join or Get More Info for Girl Scouts Troop 5823 Today 

Den 6 Pack 33 (Wolf) (Cub Scouts)
The same thing with my cubs and boy scouts. I have been a leader for 6 years and looking to get tenure with Den 6 with a new group of boys! If they could run around and play all day, they would. They love learning about knife skills, knots, hiking, jumping off rocks into the creek, archery, camp-- basically learning anything new! I have watched my first set of Den 6 boys grow up thus far from being 5 and 6-year-olds to being 10 and 11-year-olds and moving onto Boy Scouts in Troop 33 (where I also help lead currently). It been and will continue to be awesome! They are like my nephews and my scout families are close to my heart! True brotherhood in Den 6. If you are interested in join Pack 33 or Troop 33 for Cubs or Boys, please visit the NEXT set of Den 6 boys, I look forward to leading you from 2017-2023!

It's Super Easy to Get Started for Fall Product

A Fun Way to Engage Your Cookie Booth Customers
10 Things Your Girl Scout Cookie Mom Wish You Knew...
All You Need To Know For Cookie Season
All About Girl Scout Cookie Booth
Girl Scout Cookie Season Q & A for Parents
Girl Scout Cookie Order Form {Troop 5823}
Great Prizes for Cookie Season 2016
Great Cookie Sale Prizes For Girl Scouts in 2017
How To Survive Cookie Season {For Leaders By Leaders}
Initial Cookie Pick Up Sign Up {Troop 5823}
Initial Order for Cookies {Troop 5823}
Intent for Girl Scout Troop Renewal for 2016-2017: Troop 5823
Resources and Files for Girl Scout Cookie Season
Q&A for Parents
Q&A for Customers
Valentine Deals with Girl Scout Cookies
Where Girl Scout Cookies Go
** Girl Scout Cookie Season 2018 **

Scouts Learn How to Do Important CPR...Will You?

How to Plant Trees
How to Make a Sit Upon
The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Scouters (Leaders + Scouts)
Quick Snack Pack + Recycle- How to Make in Minutes

Pack Leader Resources: 
Be Prepared with This Safety Bandana

 2016-2017 Girl Scouts Troop 5823 Feedback Form (due 10th June)
Cookie Season Feedback for 2017 for Troop 5823 (due 31 May 17) 

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