Friday, December 30, 2016

108 Book Reviews in 2016

Needless to say, my (foster) grandmother is rolling in her grave because I actually have read more in one year than maybe my entire life. I used to hate reading in high school. I would have rather turned up some music and just dance the night away in my room singing into my hair brush just to be in the moment. Reading was the furthest thing from my teen mind. But..

I did it-- I totally, totally did it!!!!

I made not just 100 books... no...

I exceeded it and scored 108%! (I was always the one to do extra credit, what can I say?)

So here are all the books I reviewed in 2016, for better or worse. Enjoy!

Not all the books are actually present in the picture because some of them I gave away. Actually, to be fair, I also lost some in the move. Even though that move was only a couple of miles, it was the worst move thus far. But now staying here for a while. So a few books got lost along the way but I know some I have given away as well.

At any rate, here is the full list of books that were reviewed in 2016. You will notice my numbers start off small each month. Then as the months progress you can tell I have gotten into my book review programs and start to review a lot more.

My reviews as time when on got better and more thorough as well because of the fact that it was my first year reviewing books. Reviewing books definitely helped out with my writing and critiquing skills. I will be honest, some of the books I had to stretch to find something positive about them. The majority were great and some were the best and I am so happy to have gotten to review them.

So here is the list-- hope you enjoy.

January 2016:

A Christmas Miracle Book Review
Destiny Maker
Stress and Peace

February 2016:

The Power of Broke
Breaking Busy
Walk to Beautiful: How a Homeless Kid Found His Way
How to Become an Insider on Printmaking
How Can Legos Fit Into Your Faith?
The Productivity Project

March 2016: 

Phonics Set (+Giveaway) 
I said Yes-After Heart Ache, 3rd Time is the Charm
How to Create Your Own Rooftop the City!
Important or Influential- Which Will You Choose to Be?
Stress + Anger Destroys Families-- Are You Pitchin' a Fit?
7 Powerful Ways to a Faster Metabolism
Revealing School-- What They are Really Doing to Kids
What does it mean to be Dinosaurs of Eden?
What Does it Mean to Be Created and Called?
What does it mean to have "The Emotional Edge"?
How to Master the Art of Freaking Out & Overcome Fear
101 Ways to Have Fun for Girls
The Seven Laws of Love & How to Love Everyone

April 2016:

Mother's Day Blessings are Strong in These 3 Kids
Playing the Part Book- Danger, Love, Secrets, Feminism
11 Simple People Skills: Get Everything You Want
What Does it Mean to be a Brave Girl?
How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do

May 2016:

How to Declutter Your Home, Mind and Soul
The League & The Lantern
Hidden Wisdom in a Confusing World from a Guy
Happy Mother's Day: 43 Letters of Struggles & Hope

June 2016: 

All Summer Long- An SF Romance
Healing Brokeness and Finding Freedom from Shame

July 2016:
Code 13: Romance and Dirty Politics in the Navy
What is YOUR Intent?
Like Never Before- A Sweet Summer Romance

August 2016:
Greater than Olympic Gold...
Missy Franklin- Dream Big, Have Faith, Go For the Gold
How Pop Manga Adult Colouring Is The Best
Who is the Real Scotty McCreery?
What Do Second Chances in Life Really Look Like?
40 Dares to a More Fulfilling Relationship with Your Teen
The Best Way to Get Tattoo Ideas... Colour!
Welcome to Life, It's Not Fair- So Love It Anyways!

September 2016:
A Great Audiobook Adventure: Bringing Ancient Egypt to Life
A Kid Approved Holiday Cookbook = A Big Win!
Allow Yourself To Be Starry Eyed in the Darkness
An Inspired Guide to the Two Wheeled Life
Discipline That Connects with Your Child's Heart
Every Autumn Needs Beautiful Romance... 3 Love Stories
Every Girl and Woman in the World Needs This Inspiring Book
Humour + History +Advice= Alexander Hamilton's Guide to Life
Marry Wisely, Marry Well
Oh Baby Baby- Look in the Mirror (Giveaway)
Play With Fire: A Phoenix in Faith
Raising an Original
Star Struck in the Most Simplistic of Ways
War and Romance in a Monsoon Summer
What Does it Mean to Be Good and Angry?
Win this Super Cute Book- Night Night Farm

October 2016:
365 Simply Powerful Daily Devotionals For Boys (Giveaway!)
A bird, A Girl, & A Rescue
A Christmas Fun Book for Kinders
Astronaut's Unlikely Journey to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe
Colouring Into The Night On a Voyage
Discipline That Connects with Your Child's Heart
Falling Free: "Rescued From the Life I Always Wanted"
Leadership Promises for Everyday (A Daily Devotional)
Oodles of Doodle of Fairies is Very Fun
Parenting by 14 Principles {Win This Book}
The Berenstain Bears and the Christmas Angel
The Domino Effect-- Banks, Secrets, Lies, Truth

November 2016;
81 Game Changing Mantras for Habit Changers
365 Devotions for Finding Rest
A Kid's Christmas Book to Win
Breathing New Life Into Your Quiet Time with Repurposed Faith
Darrell Issa's Watchdog-- Is Two Faced?!
Distinctly You
Engaging Father Christmas With Love (Win It)
Finding Father Christmas in England (Win It)
In Time For the Elections: The Candidate
Liked: Whose Approval Are You Looking For?
Looking Back: Obama's Presidential Legacy
Mamaleh Knows Best in The Jewish Way of Parenting
On Borrowed Time
Say & Pray Devotionals for Toddlers {Win It}
The Blessings of Unity {Win It}
What Are the 5 Steps to Your Conscious Uncoupling?
What is "The I Factor"?
What They'll Never Tell You About the Music Business
Win This Beautiful Clay Creative Colouring Book

December 2016:
Charlie and the Tramp {Win It}
Courage to Soar to Olypmics Gold
Heroines of the New Testament {Win It}
I'm Going to Give You a Bear Hug!
Kissing Father Christmas (Win It)
On Christmas, A Children's Beginner Bible (win it)
Prince Noah & The School Pirates
Strengths Based Marriage
The Prince Who Was Just Himself {Win It}
Tuning Into The Story About The Beatles All These Years

Next year, I am going to put my goal at 150-200 books reviewed and done. 

Think I can do it?

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